Uplevel Your Learning
With AI

July 10th - August 14th 2024

Wednesdays 4:30pm PST - 6:30pm PST

Two-Hour Live Zoom Class Each Week
+ Lesson Recordings

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AI Literacy Will Soon Be An Essential Skill

The ability to utilize artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an essential skill for students and employees. Those who embrace AI literacy will discover the truly transformational benefits that leveraging artificial intelligence creates for their productivity, quality of work, and work-life balance. 

Our Uplevel Your Learning AI Literacy course empowers students with the AI fluency needed to excel academically and drive success in their future careers. By automating time intensive activities, students will not only improve their academic and future work performance, but will also free themselves up to spend more time and energy on projects, activities, and passions they find most meaningful and valuable, all while ensuring they are using AI responsibly.

You Will Learn To Use AI To:

Study More Effectively For Tests

Simplify complex concepts, create study plans, self-quizzes, and deepen your understanding of study material.

Work Confidently Without Fear of Plagiarism

Learn how to use AI responsibly and transparently within the bounds of academic honesty policies.

Improve Your Research and
Essay Writing

Brainstorm more effectively and have an editing and revising pro by your side. Verify sources, critique ideas, and improve your reasoning.

Get 24/7 Personalized Support For School Subjects

Discover the most effective AI tools for all of your classes to make learning quicker, easier, and more engaging.

Overcome Procrastination

Learn how to consistently access your motivation and get into action through personalized AI assisted coaching.

Cultivate Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Explore how AI can help you stay motivated, manage stress, and maintain mental well-being

Where and When:

Zoom Live Classes Begin July 10th, 2024

Live Class Available Times


4:30-6:30pm PST / 7:30-9:30pm EST

Students will get the most out of the course by coming to one session each week that works for you. Prerecorded video lessons will be available for any students who miss a week or want to review the material.

Can't Attend a Live Session?
No problem!

Video replays of all lesson material will be provided after live lessons.

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Registering Multiple Students?

Two Students: Monthly Plan | All at Once

Three Students: Monthly Plan | All at Once

If you register multiple students, we'll reach out to make sure we have the correct information for each student

Our Instructors

Thomas Meli

Founder of:
Meli Academy
Deep Test Prep
Entrepreneur AI Academy

With over 20 years of education experience, 15+ years of coding, 7 years of data science + AI experience, 500+ hours of compassionate communication training, and 6 years of coaching experience, I use scientifically proven methodologies to inspire your child to learn and make it stick.

I'm obsessed with learning more effectively, and the AI revolution is making learning easier than ever. I believe the future will belong to the AI literate, and equipping students with these skills now has the capacity to change their lives for the better.

Arthur Emery

Founder of:
Beyond the Book Tutors

In my over two decades of supporting students in tutoring, test prep, college counseling, and mentoring, I have never been as excited to bring educational content to students as I am for our AI Literacy course.

I relish the opportunity to support students in their academic and personal growth and this course will not only improve students' retention of material and performance in school, but also allow them to unlock opportunities they never even knew existed all while improving their life-balance and mental health. AI literacy is a game changing skill that every student will need to master in the coming years and those who begin now will enjoy disproportionate benefits in being the first to conquer this new academic opportunity.

"Thomas is an outstanding tutor. His assessment of my son’s strengths and weaknesses provided very insightful and honest feedback. If you’re a high achiever seeking that extra edge, Thomas is a perfect choice!"

— Jae

"Arthur has been some of the best help over the past two years from tremendous tutoring to much needed navigation through the college application. Arthur is not just my tutor or college counselor, he is my friend and ally whenever I need it. He has helped me through all the challenges of high school with his in depth guidance and thought provoking questions. If you are in need of an inspiring mentor then Arthur is the person for you!"

— David E.

"Beyond expectations! Thomas is great. Highly recommend him. He has helped both my sons and keeps track of their progress."

— Lori

"Arthur goes above and beyond his role as an educator, as his passion to connect with his students on a personal level is extraordinary. He has instilled confidence in myself as a student to become all that I can be inside and outside of the classroom."

— Lauren P.

"Thomas is not your 'typical' tutor. He analyzes the question, teaches strategy, problem-solving skills, speed reading, and time management. Highly recommended for high achievers."

— Anna

"I have worked with Arthur for several years, and no one has pushed me harder. He is an excellent teacher and mentor. Through his tutoring, college counseling, and simply being around him, I've gained invaluable knowledge and guidance."

— Ella D.

"Totally utterly impressed! Goes the extra mile in extraordinary ways. Keira can’t wait for her next session. Learning is a gift with Thomas."

— Kendahl

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While the live sessions are amazing for community participation and interactive learning, we designed the course so that it works even for people with previous commitments on certain weeks.

After each week's sessions we'll provide access to recorded lessons of that week's material, assignments, and quizzes that you will have access to after the course. We are confident our students will get amazing value even if they have to miss a class here or there.

Yes! Our course is modular so each session time will be covering the same material each week. For example, if Monday afternoons work for you one week, but not the next, feel free to jump into a different session that week that suits your schedule!

Yes, the extra features on the ChatGPT Plus account are essential for students to learn and practice the skills.

Basic computer skills are sufficient. Tom and Arthur will guide students through using the AI tools effectively.

No, there are no additional costs beyond the course fee and the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Yes, students will have continued access to the course materials in their cohort after the course ends.

This particular course is made for students, but many parents have expressed interest in learning what is going on in the AI world, so we are developing a short program for parents too which will likely be released within the next few months. If you'd like to stay in the loop about that, be sure to sign up to our list at the bottom to receive updates.

Progress is assessed through participation in live sessions, submitting assignments on the platform, and proof of engagement with AI tools.

Yes, if students attended each week and completed the assignments, students will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course.

We host regular question and answer sessions before our programs start so you can engage with us in person and get all your questions answered. We recommend getting updates about these events through the list below.